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Is there a way to simulate what NetMRI would apply to a device without it actually applying it?  

I have a script I want to test and I do not have a lab of switches and routers connected to NetMRI.  If I could have it show me what commands it would apply if I want it to without actually applying them, that would be beneficial.  

Hi Joe -

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Hi Joe -

You might find it useful to read the CCS Scripting Guide.  You can locate it by clicking on any of the blue question marks within the NetMRI GUI.  Go to the table of contents (TOC), look under Additional Documentation -> CCS Supplement.  Near the end of the doc you will find a description on how to prefix commands with DEBUG:.



Please note the DEBUG Statements

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You will notice in the example scripts on the NetMRI, and even scripts posted on this site, have a section of commands prefixed with "DEBUG".  These commands do not run, but allow the script to flow through the logic to see which commands would've run against the device.

Scripts that have these sections will typically prompt you at run time, will read something like 'Enable Changes', with a checkbox to enable the actual commands to run instead of the debug statement lines.

Re: Please note the DEBUG Statements

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Joe and team,

I know this doesn't help in the script example, but I'd want to make other members aware that in the case of using a template to push a change, there is a recent feature which allows you to write the template to a local text file, rather than pushing it to a device, so that you can review the commands, or use the text file directly in your own workflow.  When defining the job or "run now", simply choose the "push mode" option of "text file".


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