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Snmp vs Cli

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I found out, that my telnet Vty access is protected via Access-lists, hence the NetMri cannot use cli-access. However Snmp is working fine.

What would be the benefit of redesigning the access-list to let in NetMri - does cli access get any other data than snmp?


/Jan - Denmark


Re: Snmp vs Cli

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Hello Jan,

Via SNMP you get a lot of information from your devices like interfaces status, hostnames, firmware versions, etc. Also, you get information of how your device is configured and if it complies with some best practices established on NetMRI or policies that you might create.

The CLI on the other hand, get the device's saved and running configuration. If keeps track of config changes made to you device and allows you to compare different configs, not only for the 1 device, but for smiliar devices. Look at it as a backup for your configuration. In case that one of your devices blow up, you can always just get a new one and install the latest configuration you saved on MRI.

What about SSH? can you enable it on your device?

I hope this information is correct and helpful,



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