Suggested Device Type for VMWare ESX devices

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We are using VMWare ESX for Unified Communications devices.  I can reach them using SNMP, but NetMRI 7.2.2 doesn't seem to have a 'good' device grouping on its own.

What have others done for these devices?

Any suggestions for how to classify (assign device type)?

Thanks, Jim.

Re: Suggested Device Type for VMWare ESX devices

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You can create a DSB(Device Support bundle), also you can upload the MIBs to NetMRI for VMware

HEre is an example for Advocent


<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<dsb name="Advocent" version="201205290001" author="Infoblox" netmri="6.4">
<mibenterprise number="2925" vendor="Advocent" \>
<devicetype name="OutOfBand MGMT" rank="65" defaultGroup="false" collectIntf="false" collectARP="true" collectRoute="false" networkType="false" />
<devicetypemodels sysObjectID="" devicetype="OutOfBand MGMT" />

<modelmap vendor="Advocent" variable="sysObjectID" var_match="/\w+\s(\w+\d{2})/" var_replace="$1" />
<versionmap vendor="Advocent" variable="sysObjectID" var_match="/version: _(\w+) \(/" var_replace="$1" />
    <devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Basic" action="INCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="System" action="INCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Config" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="ARP" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="CPU" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Environmental" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Forwarding" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Inventory" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Memory" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Neighbor" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<devicesupport vendor="Advocent" dataset="Vlan" action="EXCLUDE" />
	<config vendor="Advocent" hasEnableMode="False" />


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