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Tech Tip - Finding How Old Cisco Devices Are Based on Serial Number

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Here is a great tech tip use case to help you determine when a Cisco device was manufactured based on the chassis serial number.   This can help with End of Life analysis or tracking inventory based on age. 

This powerful use case was for a NetMRI customer that wanted to identify any Cisco device they had on the network that was older than 2009.

The simple and fast process included these key parameters:

  • The NetMRI system automatically tracks the entire inventory including chassis serial number
  • The customer created a filter based on serial number using a simple RegEx command in NetMRI
    • ​/^.{1,3}(1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13)/
  • ​NetMRI created a list of all serial numbers that matched the criteria in less than a minute
  • The filter was saved for future use

​View the attached cheat sheet for determining the age parameters for Cisco devices based on serial numbers. 


Thanks Matt!

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This is very useful information.


Glad you like it Nick :)

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Glad you like it Nick Smiley Happy

Matt and I are working on some more great stuff for the community


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