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VRF Support

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simple question - does the network automation supports VRF? it knows how to handle it?

It does not. I have a feature

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It does not. I have a feature reqeust for VRF support. Without it, NetMRI is unable to associate end-host IPs with switchports in our datacenter. This is quite frustrating, as this the primary environment that we wanted to be able to have the server admins use NetMRI for provisioning. It also prevents any of the datacenter end-hosts data to be presented to IPAM database.

There are a few potential

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There are a few potential workarounds. You'll need to configure your VRF-aware routers with a separate SNMP context for each VRF. NetMRI will then treat each of those as a separate device. If you do not have overlapping IP address space in your VRFs, and your security policies allow it, you can then leak routes to the management VRF to allow NetMRI IP connectivity to those alternate SNMP contexts. Depending on your topology you may also need to add static routes in NetMRI.

If you cannot leak routes, you would need to implement a distributed NetMRI deployment (Operations Center), and put a collector appliance in each VRF. This is also the way to handle VRFs with overlapping IP space; in that case, you would associate each collector with a different OC network.



VRF Support

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Is VRF supported yet on Cisco Nexus 5K and 6500 platforms?

We do now!

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With the 6.9.1 release. Please check out the release notes and updated admin guide on the support site for more info.

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