What is the Recommended Approach toward Retired Devices in NetMRI

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We are wondering what is the best practice toward retired devices in NetMRI.  There are 2 scenarios we are encountering:

1) Physical device is replaced with another model, the administrative IP remains the same.

- NetMRI deals with this situation nicely because it keeps the hardware change logs and archives the configuration for previous model.

2) Both physical device and administrative IP are retired.

- We like the idea eventually deleting the device, so it keeps our inventory clean.  However at the same time, we like to keep the device model/configuration record for auditing purpose, but don't want to deal with "Down Device" issues.


Does Infoblox have official reccomendations toward this?



If you delete the device, you

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If you delete the device, you can still get the information about it in the UI by changing the time selected in the Network Insight tab. You'll be able to see the information about the device in the Network Insight pages - you can also see it in reports.

However, this won't get you access to the config files. For that I think you need to use the API, I don't think the UI allows a way to get the config files of deleted devices, up until the end of the retention period for the network inventory data.

If you wish to keep the device visible in the Config Managment tab, then you'll need to keep the device around. In that case, you can suppress the Device Down and any other similar issues so you don't have to see them anymore.

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