Where can I find WAPI 1.1 documentation?

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Tools > Network > API Documentation > API List shows me this statement: "This page details Network Automation API version 2. It does not include documentation for the Network Automation API version 1.1. Additional information on that API can be found in the Tools -> Network -> API Documentation page, as well as in the API Documentation document that may be found in the online help." However, I don't understand how to get to v1.1 documents because I've already navigated to Tools > Network > API Documentation, and v1.1 is not documented there (at least I can't find it there).  The API documentation in the online help also directs me back to Tools > Network > API Documentation, or to see the "Network Automation API Developer’s Guide," available in the "Additional Information" section of the Network Automation online help" which I am also unable to find.  I'm totally confused.  Where can I get a copy of v1.1?

Re: Where can I find WAPI 1.1

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The Developer's Guide is available from the download area on the support site.



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