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$ifPhysAddress ???

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I want to make a group on the NetMri containing all units starting with the mac-address 00:09:9F:00

whatever i type (like $ifPhysAddress like /00:09:9F:00.*/  )  the NetMri tells me, that $ifPhysAddress is an invalid value.


How do you create a group like i describe?


/JanV - Denmark


Re: $ifPhysAddress ???

Moderator Dave_Signori
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Hi JanV,


You can search for all devices that meet that criteria (use Device:Mac as the Parameter) and then export the list or run a job/command on them.


You can also create an Interface group using $ifPhysAddress like /^00:09:9F:00.*/


Device groups don't take the $ifPhysAddress variable in the criteria expression.



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