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Hello, I'd like to use scripts to speed up manual work but I don't know how to solve one problem. I have to change some configuration on one router (which I know) and also on few other routers which I don't know when script is started but this information is received from the first router (cdp) when script is executing. i.e. I change mtu on few interfaces, after this i check using "show cdp neighbours" command which devices are connected to interfaces which were modified and in next step I have to modify MTU on connected interfaces for neighbour devices. How to do this? using issues and triggered scripts? If you have any idea please send it. thanks Darek

Re: multidevice ccs

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Can you give an example of your manual process?

It will give us a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Please include show and config t commands as well.



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Re: multidevice ccs

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This can be achieved through the Perl scripting feature, but not through CCS.

In the online API documentation, go to the "Perl Tutorial" page, and scroll down to see this example: "Connecting to Multiple Devices in a Script".



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