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network topology

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does anybody know how to find particular device on network topology? Topology is generated for device group (200+ devices) and I'd like to localize one. There are no search tool. I'm aware of option to generate topology L2nhop for this device but I'm looking for solution for network aggregate topology.

Any help appreciated

Thank you



Re: network topology

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Practically, there is no way to do this.


Impractically, you could create a device group that contains criteria that would only match the device you want to locate.  You'd then need to wait a few moments for NetMRI to add that device to the group. Then you could go to topology click "refine view" and assign a highlight color to that group.  Even then, the high light color is displayed as a small colored square next to the device, and not very visible.  Obviously, this is very impractical.


We are collecting requirements on a new topology design for NetMRI and NI, and I'll make sure that a better search function makes it into the requirements.


Re: network topology

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Hi Dariusz,


I see your in the TAB and should have received an invite to the session this Tuesday where, as Chris mentioned, one topic is topology viewer improvements.



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