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setting up lab for DR testing: my grid candidate is missing a GUI?

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I am setting up a lab environment that is meant to mimic our production environment. We have two physical 820 appliances that are in an HA pair "tao" and two v820's, ns1 and ns2, that are grid members but not HA'ed. My arrangement looks like this:


In my test environment, I have restored ns1 from the production backup. The lab environment is an isolated copy of our production network. I've configured the restored v820 as a grid master, but so far I've been unable to access it via web GUI on that network. Other than promoting ns1 as a grid master, what else am I missing? With ns1 on its own in this isolated environment, since it has a copy of all the config from tao, what else do I still need to do in order to make it serve the GUI and DHCP ? 


Trying to access the web gui results in a 403 error, fwiw.


Re: setting up lab for DR testing: my grid candidate is missing a GUI?

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In a Grid there can be only one member that serves the GUI - and that is the Grid Master. The candidate can run DHCP, just ensure that you turn on DHCP services on the GMC and assign some networks/ranges to it.

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