Cannot establish session to Infoblox using WinSCP

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Cannot establish session attempt to upload files to Infoblox using WinSCP. 


The error:  Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds. If the problem repeats, try turning off 'Optimize connection buffer size"


Putty to port 22 works fine. 

Re: Cannot establish session to Infoblox using WinSCP

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Can you provide more information about what protocol you are attempting to use to copy files with? What destination you are using? And whether you’ve enabled the setting to allow uploads?

What type of files are you attempting to upload?

Putty connects to port 22 for SSH but that will not provide you with any ability to copy files to the member. In fact, you can only copy files to the member for use with the File Distribution features so those must be enabled (and running) and you must have enabled the file upload feature as well. You won’t be using port 22 for that though…you’ll be using TFTP or FTP.

Re: Cannot establish session to Infoblox using WinSCP

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You didn't say if the target is NIOS or NetMRI.  If the latter, make sure you specify SCP as the protocol, not SFTP.  I just attempted an SFTP connection and got the same result you did.

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