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HA Infoblox 3 Appliance

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Hello expert,


At the moment in our infrastructure we have one Grid Master and two Grid Candidate Master equipped with same current network control,

My question is: when grid Master fails which specific candidate will be eligible to assume the role of Grid Master through the promotion process? I am looking for some sort of priority assigned to Grid Candidate Master (perhaps the candidate with oldest database), however I have not found anything useful.


Re: HA Infoblox 3 Appliance

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All Grid Master Candidates are eligible to be promoted and, assuming there have not been any issues with connectivity, all of them would likely be current with all data. If there’s a missing DNS update or DHCP lease or something along those lines, the member will include a change log that can provide the necessary updated data after promotion.

This is normally a “procedural” choice based on where you would designate the “next” in line to promote. For some deployments, there’s usually a “secondary” datacenter and “tertiary” datacenter so you’d naturally follow the same order for GMC promotion.

One recommendation is to not promote a GMC unnecessarily. If there’s a short-term connectivity issue and you don’t need to make any emergency administrative changes, just wait. If you need the GMC to be promoted, please refer to the support KB articles for the best practice to bring the (old) GM back into the Grid.
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