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Support for more DTC health monitor protocols?

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I just had a request to define a DTC healthcheck for SMTP - so I added a TCP monitor and specified port 25, but that's about all you can configure.


So I was wondering if Infoblox plan to add support for more protocols, e.g. with SMTP it would be nice to issue a "HELO" and check for a certain response?






Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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Re: Support for more DTC health monitor protocols?

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In the new 7.3 releases we plan on introducing new health check protocols, but mostly targetted at the service provider market. 


I'd suggest you approach your local SE and request enhancements through the normal procedures.

Re: Support for more DTC health monitor protocols?

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The feature is an RFE which is under consideration. The RFE number is  RFE-9604.

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