Syslog facility change from Daemon to Localx

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I am trying to change at Grid level the syslog facility from "daemon" to "local3"

Grid Properties => Monitoring :

   Log to external Syslog Servers  ( checked )

   Added the Syslog Server IP@ on port 514

  Copy Audit Log Messahe to Syslog ( checked )

  System facility = Local 3

When doing a TCM Dump on the server side I am still getting "daemon" as facility ...

 Is there anything else I need to update to change the syslog facility ?

Thank you,

David Sanchez


Is there a solution?

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does anyone have a solution for this problem? We are facing the same issue.

Syslog facility

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The setting for changing syslog facility applies only to the audit messages.

But how do we send leases to a syslogserver then?

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But how do we send leases to a syslogserver then?

DHCP Lease logging

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You can only send DHCP Lease History (once it's enabled) to a Lease Logging Grid member (another Infoblox Grid member). The only other option is if you have purchased Reporting Server. See page 907 of the NIOS Admin Guide (for NIOS 6.11)

HTH, Seth



We use rsyslog for our

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We use rsyslog for our logging host and we force all logs coming from the server into one file like this:

:FROMHOST, isequal, "" /var/log/infoblox.log
& ~


Not the answer you were probably looking for, but it works for us.  

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