IPv4 Address Availables

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Here a quick indicator dashboard which give you the number of availabe IPv4 address based on your existing subnets.


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  <label>IPv4 Address Availables</label>
        <title>IP address status (IPv4 / Last Hour)</title>
          <query>sourcetype=ib:ipam:network index=ib_ipam protocol=IPV4 earliest=-1h 
            | stats sum(address_alloc) as total_address_loc sum(address_reserved) as total_address_reserved sum(address_unalloc) as total_address_unalloc 
            | eval total_used = total_address_loc + total_address_reserved  
            |  table total_used total_address_unalloc 
            | rename total_used as "IPs Used" total_address_unalloc as "IPs Availables"</query>


Re: IPv4 Address Availables

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To add to this the out of the box report "Network Inventory" shows you the Utilization % of IP addresses within each subnet.



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