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I like to report on the availability of an appliance during fe a month.

I can create MEM or CPU monthly reports but not a report showinf if an appliances was up and running for 100% in month x.

In Home Dashboard I can see the uptime that’s all

Re: Member availability

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I've looked at doing this as well.  With the way Infoblox has locked down the Splunk interface you are very limited.   You should be able to write a python script that is run on the reporter to go out and do whatever checks you would like and provide that data back to the reporting member.   All the buttons are there to do this but Infoblox has blocked all methods of uploading the python scripts to the reporting member.



    I've tried two different solutions to try and get this data.  

1.  Look at the last time that a member sent any syslog data to the reporter.    Even on boxes with all the services off, there is a stream of a few syslog messages per minute heading to the reporter.    If you see a gap of more than X minutes assume the box is down.   You can make this a bit more powerful by making some assumptions if you see the member restablishing VPN connections, or restarting services, etc.

2. Use an external ping \ service checker and then push the results of that back into the reporter via syslog.   See these posts:




Neither of these are great solutions.  They both do work and get some of the uptime data back into the reporter but they are both hacks and have some significant limitations.  I share your frustration in having such a powerful tool like the reporter sitting there gathering 80% of the data you need but lacking any ability to get to that last 20%, even when that 20% is within the Infoblox grid.

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