Move reporter to different subnet

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Hi All,


One of my customers wants to move the reporting appliance to a different subnet. For a member this is easy, just give it another IP in the GUI, wait until the member has changed IP and move port(s) to the new VLAN.


Can we use this same procedure for the reporter?


regards, Harry

Re: Move reporter to different subnet

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Hello Harry,


As long as the new network configuration of the reporting server favours the port requirements for data indexing(You may refer the admin guide for specifications), I don’t see any reason for a special procedure to be followed in case of a reporting server. As you may know after you change & save the new network settings, grid member will go offline until it lands in the new network environment. So that means, after reconfiguring the Network you would need to ensure that the physical connections are all good(In case of hardware). When the reporting member is down or unreachable, file-based data sources are queued until the reporting member is up and running. However, the script-based data sources are lost if the size of the queued data exceeds 500 KB. Before carrying out the change, please ensure that you have the latest set of reporting data backup. Though I’m sure that you would carry out these changes during a maintenance window, I highly recommend to open up a proactive ticket with Infoblox Technical Support to avoid any unforeseen issues. As this change doesn’t take a lot of time to be completed, you may also ask for standby assistance from an engineer during the change window if required.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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