Need help with basic report

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I'm new to Infoblox and do not have the ability to administer the device. I asked the admin for a dump of all scopes with information like exclusions and options like subnet mask, gateway etc. I was told it was not possible. Is that true? Or  is it someone just avoiding some work? If this is possible how would I be able to cobble this together without any admin privileges.

Re: Need help with basic report

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The reporting interface isn't the best place to get this sort of data since reporting is designed to be a historical database. What you are looking for is more real-time in nature and is easily found in the NIOS UI under the Data Management -> DHCP section of the product. From there you can select a network, view the data, and even export it as a CSV. Below is a sample output from our demo environment. Of course you could also pull the via the APIs programatically and correlate the network config to get the netmask and gateway.



IP Address Type Name Fingerprint Comment Site Free Free Reservation anchor52   will not budge Reservation something   is using this address Free Free Exclusion        

Re: Need help with basic report

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I see your response is from 2017, has anything been updated with the tool and reproting?  I need to pull all subnets, I had hoped to do this via Splunk Report in Infoblox?   I need to compare my ServiceNow (SN) CMDB with InfoBlox to see if any discrepencies.  What is the best way to achieve this task.  It's an audit requirment.   I don't see any direct integration from InfoBlox to SN CMDB?  or are there any other options?  Thank you

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