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This is an alternative navigation menu for Infoblox Reporting and Analytics which adds a quick filter (or quick search) for dashboards by category. This can be handy for quickly finding dashboards that are relevant to what you might be trying to find.





To install this navigation, open the reporting tab in the NIOS interface, then:

  1. In the upper right side of the reporting interface click Settings
  2. Click "User Interface"
  3. Click "Navigation Menus"
  4. Click on "default"


Replace the xml with the code below.


<nav color="#58687e">
  <view name="home" default="true" />
  <view name="dashboards" />                                                    
  <view name="reports" />
  <collection label="Quick filter &gt;">                                                     
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*ipam*)&amp;rawSearch=ipam">IPAM</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*device*)&amp;rawSearch=device">Devices</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*dhcp*)&amp;rawSearch=dhcp">DHCP</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*dns*)&amp;rawSearch=dns">DNS</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*security*)&amp;rawSearch=security">Security</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*ecosystem*)&amp;rawSearch=ecosystem">Ecosystem</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*cloud*)&amp;rawSearch=cloud">Cloud</a>
    <a href="/app/infoblox/dashboards?search=(*system*)&amp;rawSearch=system">System</a>
  <view name="alerts" />                                                        
  <view name="search" />                                                        
  <view name="pivot" />  
  <view name="administration" />                                                            
  <view name="help" />                                                            


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