Report all DHCP-scopes with Non-Standard DHCP configurations

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we are working to get our environment more and more organised by standards.

As we do have quite a lot of DHCP-ranges in our grid we would like to have a report wich shows all DHCP-scopes who differ from our existing DHCP-templates.


Has anyone here already tried this, our first measure would be the lease-time but checking all options would of course be preferred Smiley Happy


is there anyone here who already ventured out on this quest?






Re: Report all DHCP-scopes with Non-Standard DHCP configurations

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Hi there!

I´ve been asked to produce exactly what you are talking about here for the same purpose. Did you ever get a chance to develop such a report? Although you had no answers, you´re the only one that posted this topic here so therefore my only hope Smiley Happy

Re: Report all DHCP-scopes with Non-Standard DHCP configurations

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While this may be a question posted for 'MvantErve', I just wanted to add my findings.


I do not find 'templates' information being indexed in any indexes other than the audit logs (ib_audit). It is not available in any DHCP indexes.

In 'Audit Logs', it only references the template name during the creation of the template itself and does not reference the name of the template used, for the creation of a range (scope).


However, templates used are clearly visible (in audit logs) while networks are created. 


In Short:
DHCP_Network_Templates are recorded in audit logs while creating a network using a template.
DHCP_Range_Templates are not recorded in audit logs while creating a range using a template.


While I am immediately not certain whether this is something that should be considered as a defect or an enhancement request, I would recommend opening a case with Infoblox Support to find out. If this info was available in the audit logs (for every range created), it would've been very useful and easy to meet your requirement (identify or filter ranges[scopes] that were created using a specific template or just find the ones that did not use a template at all).


Best Regards,

Bibin Thomas

Re: Report all DHCP-scopes with Non-Standard DHCP configurations

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I have fought this over time as well.   The best solution I've found is the global CSV export and then some creative excel sorting and macros.

API calls can get you close but I struggled the inheritance of some options.   Grid, member, container, network...   some options would have a value for the option but then not have the override bit turned on at that level or some "higher" level.  It rapidly got to be a mess to figure out with just API calls.


The CSV export still has some of these issues, but they are far less and much easier to manage.

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