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Top DNS Clients with Drill Down

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Has any one managed to Create a dashboard or report that shows top DNS talkers that then allows you to Drill down by clicking on one of the top talkers in the list, to see what the top talker is querying ?


e.g could have a crazy linux server in the list , but i want to see what it is querying as , it could be infected or badly configured.


is it possible ?  Or is there lots of bells , hoops and whistles to go through ?

Re: Top DNS Clients with Drill Down

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Hello Mark,


It is possible and not too hard but I have not done it, you have to get the source ip as a parameter for the search in the drilldown.





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Re: Top DNS Clients with Drill Down

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Hello Mark,


Check out my post here ,which should have the sourcecode that you're looking for. 


Let me know if you have questions.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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