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[Updated] Deployment guide for Reporting and Analytics

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Here is the updated deployment guide for Infoblox Reporting and Analytics.



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Re: [Updated] Deployment guide for Reporting and Analytics

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I noticed that the new deployment guide still mentions the action:

Run a script: Invokes a specified script stored on the reporting appliance


As of 8.0.6 that is still not supported and I have an RFE open for it.   The last time I checked on the RFE it was not even under consideration.   Has that changed?   I have several uses for that functionality.


Re: [Updated] Deployment guide for Reporting and Analytics

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There are no confirmed plans to change that option at this time, but there is an RFE "Under Consideration" which would impact it that is pending prioritization for a future release. I'm not sure if it's the same one you mentioned.

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