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Thanks for visiting the Infoblox Reporting and Analytics Community. This community aims to help its members keep in touch with the latest and greatest news and content for the Infoblox Reporting and Analytics solution (


You can use this community to:

·         Get new and interesting report definitions

·         Share your custom-created report definitions

·         Find the "Infoblox Official" report definitions (in case you modified yours and would like to revert)

·         Ask a question about Infoblox Reporting and Analytics

·         Make a suggestion on how to improve Infoblox Reporting and Analytics


Infoblox will use this community to:

·         Provide you early access to experimental report definitions

·         Collect and consider your custom-created report definitions for inclusion in the product

·         Answer your questions on Infoblox Reporting and Analytics

·         Discuss potential improvements for Infoblox Reporting and Analytics


We look forward to working with you to get new insights into your core network services!

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