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"DHCP scavenge" - Report for not-used DHCP Hosts

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After migration to an Infoblox Grid my customer asks if there is an opportunity to clean up the database in the future. The customer uses Host records for everything. Within this he uses the Fixed Address feature for the DHCP allocation of his devices. There are a lot of administrators and a lot of database entries over the years.

Is there an opportunity to mark not used Fixed Addresses/DHCP records when they were not used for over 6 months? Maybe the best way would be a report in Reporting & Analytics. The customer has one reporting appliance. Has anyone a source for the xml code for such a report?


Thank you very much.


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Re: "DHCP scavenge" - Report for not-used DHCP Hosts

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Maybe other people are also interested in this topic. After discussing the problem with Infoblox engineers I could now find out, that it is not possible to to get the list of fixed addresses into Splunk index/lookup table. Otherwise it would be possible to get the requested feature to analyze unused Fixed Addresses by the Reporting & Analytics Appliance.


If you want to push this topic you can add customers with usecase to the RFE-6937

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