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Meet Infoblox’s Cyber Intelligence Unit


Technology is engrained in almost every aspect of the workplace today. The use of laptops, mobile phones, and other connected devices is common place. Unfortunately, the proliferation of these technologies has also introduced new business risks and cybersecurity threats. Between 2018 and 2019, ransomware attacks against businesses rose by 500%. Data is invaluable to companies; data breaches result in lost business opportunities and significant damage, thus re-affirming the need for better risk management strategies. Organizations need a dependable source for gathering threat intelligence in order to evaluate potential cyber risks.


Meet the Infoblox Cyber Intelligence Unit

Infoblox’s Cyber Intelligence Unit creates, aggregates, and curates information on threats to provide actionable intelligence that is high quality, timely, and reliable.  The team has over 10 years of experience, equipping customers with the content and context needed to effectively protect their networks and to combat cyberattacks.

The team is comprised of skilled professionals with diverse expertise in intelligence analysis, data science, security engineering, and software development. The Unit has experience across high-tech, financial services, government, military, and other industries.


What the Team Does

The Infoblox Cyber Intelligence Unit applies a pivot, farm, and mine approach to threat hunting and publishes a wealth of intelligence and information on threats, attackers, security incidents, and vulnerabilities. Along with internal threat research, the team partners with over two dozen intelligence partners, universities and government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) program, to provide reliable threat feeds (less than 0.01%) false positives.) Additionally, the team publishes Campaign Briefs and Malicious Activity Reports. These reports provide context and insight into notable threats recently observed, detailed analysis on advanced malware campaigns, and analysis on new significant attacks in the news. The reports are crafted to enable the Enterprise Defender to quickly comprehend the threat and identify kill-chain stages to disrupt an attack.


The Why

With the rise of cyberattacks, threat intelligence programs are critical for enterprise success. The Cyber Intelligence Unit’s efforts allow businesses to secure their networks against evolving cyberthreats and ensures unified security policy across the entire security infrastructure. These practices optimize overall business performance by allowing IT departments to work more efficiently and strategically. Infoblox Threat Intelligence is easy to use, allowing security teams to reduce time to remediation by two-thirds and making threat analyst teams three times more effective.


Be in the Know

Bookmark the Infoblox Threat Intelligence page now to minimize risk and to ensure that your enterprise is informed about the latest cyberattacks.

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