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Protect Users Everywhere – On-premises, Roaming or in Branch Offices

DNS is a critical player in Internet communications and is often overlooked when considering network security. Existing security controls, such as firewalls, email proxies, and web proxies, often fail to focus on DNS and the associated threats. Meanwhile, according to Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report, over 91% of malware focus on exploiting your DNS to communicate with the command-and-control (C&C) server, exfiltrate your data, or redirect traffic to malicious sites.


With today’s workforce becoming increasingly mobile and an agile working environment now a key component to successful business, protection for users everywhere is essential. According to Gartner 57% of workers will not be deskbound in an office by 2019. These roaming users utilize public or home WiFi and often rely on antivirus products that do not efficiently secure DNS, nor do they always use VPN. Moreover, remote and branch offices often lack resources or budget to deploy and manage security infrastructure on-premises.


Infoblox, the industry leader in DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management), has been providing DNS based security to protect devices and users on-premises and is now extending that protection to roaming users and remote offices/branch offices with our newly released SaaS service -- Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud. ActiveTrust Cloud can help identify infected and compromised devices on or off the premises, prevent DNS-based data exfiltration, and automatically stop device communications with C&Cs/botnets. Delivered as a service from Infoblox, it is easy to use, deploy, and maintain without dedicated IT resources.  Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud can protect users everywhere - on-premises, roaming or in branch offices.


Join the Infoblox webinar on January 12th at 10am PST to learn how Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud


  • Helps prevent DNS-based data exfiltration that other systems can’t detect 
  • Is integrated into DNS for early detection of malware without disruptive changes 
  • Provides improved visibility and rich network context 


Ready to try out the service? Sign up for a free 30-day eval today.

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