API access to Blacklist

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It is some years since I looked at this and I know that back then one could not use the API to manage the DNS black list.


Has this changed?



Re: API access to Blacklist

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Hi rful011,


I'm not sure if you're speaking of NIOS or BloxOne Threat Defense, but there are ways to access these lists on both platforms via the API.


For NIOS please see the 'Response Policy Zones' header (page 38) in this document:


For BloxOne Threat Defense see the BloxOne Swagger, specifically 'BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud' -> 'named_lists' and 'named_list_items':


Thank you,


Re: API access to Blacklist

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Thanks for the response David


Ah! I should have been more expicit!  I should have said "without paying for a feed" .


We are not subscribed to either of the threat feeds.  We already have multiple threat feeds, what I want tp do is maintain the blacklist myself from them.

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