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API crashing threads and forks

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I have scripts that pull IPAM and DNS information from Trinsic and NetMRI and correlate it for ease of use. Due to the time individual tasks are taking squeezing the information from the NetMRI I decided to optimize processing using thread or fork.

In both cases, when it came time to  'join' or 'waitpid' (respectively), in other words wait for all my threads or child processes to complete and return values, perl crashed. This only happened if I had an open session with the Infoblox Trinsic appliance. The open session with NetMRI did not cause this to happen.

I am using activeperl on windows 8 64 bit, if that makes a difference. I realize I may well be the only maniac trying to do anything like this, but it would be great if I could get this to work. An explicit destructor to close the session would even be an improvement. That appliance supplies information pretty quickly. I could gather the Trinsic data first and store it, then close the session, then fork the 3 tasks of pulling information from NatMRI's SPM default end host grid, SPM end host history, and device inventory. I suppose I could try setting a very short timeout on the Infoblox session then sleeping the program until it closes. Thanks for listening.

Though I would still prefer it if I could just forking fork. I put in the code for my thread test. The fork test is slightly different nut works essentially the same way.


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