API script to change the status (enable) of an A record

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I try to write a script to allow some user to change the status of an A record into a DNS in one ZONE.

My script is working when I'm superuser, but I can't figure out what right I have to setup to make it work.

I allow RW on the zone and RW on the record, but the only think I can see in the log is the connection of my user, not the change neither any error.


and the script juste return status code = Operation succeeded.

Any clue what I have to setup ?


thanks for your help

You need to make sure the

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You need to make sure the permissions group has the API check box enabled.  Also the user needs DNS permissions including the ability to read/write the network.



It is like that except

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Hello Susan,

The group have the check box API selected, otherwise it will not be possible to login with a script, but that work.

As for the DNS persmission like I said I allow it to RW on the domain and on the 2 record I need to change.

As for the netwok I don't have it on my DDI, It's just a record pointing to another server on Internet no on my scope.

So somthing else is missing but no help from Infoblox Support and not mutch info on the log.



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