API to update Blacklist Rulesets?

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I believe I have throughly reviewed the API guide, Google, forums, etc to see if there is a way to use the API (Perl and/or rest) to modify the Blacklist Rulesets.   These are the rules listed under the 'Data Management -> DNS -> Blacklist Rulesets' .  From what I can see the only way to update these rules, at least with version 6.8.x, is to use a CSV import.

The API methods for manipulating a ruleset (ie. Infoblox:Smiley Very HappyNS::Ruleset) only deal with the NXDOMAIN (ie. Infoblox:Smiley Very HappyNS::Ruleset::NxdomainRule) rulesets and this is not the functionality I am looking for.  

We don't have RPZ.   My goal was to use the built in "functionality" to role my own blacklist.  

Can someone please confirm my suspicion that this is not possible with the API?  If this is not true you can point me to the proper guide or code samples?



Blacklist Rulesets

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To your comment: "Can someone please confirm my suspicion that this is not possible with the API?" you are correct. At this point you need to create the Blacklist Ruleset in Data Management/DNS/Blacklist Rulesets and then upload a CSV file to be used as the black list. More info is in the CSV Import Refernce Guide on page 42. 

HTH, Seth


Blacklist updates

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I'm currently working on this issue at the moment as we have access to a reputable domain source but need to update the list frequently.  What is the roadmap for this kind of functionality and would anyone have an idea of how to code something that would mimic manual updates?

Response Policy Zones

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It sounds like you should be using Response Policy Zones (aka DNS Firewall). Contact your local team for help with this.


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