Access default gateway/router for a network via WAPI

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(also asked via a followup question to an existing thread in the General Discussions Forum, but this seems like a more appropriate place)I need to determine what the assigned gateway is for agiven network, but I can't find the API call to determine that.When I look at the WebUI, I can find it by editing the network in question and can see it under under IPv4 DHCP Options. But I can't seem to figure out the correct API call to get at that information using the WAPI. Querying the network itself just gives me this:

curl -K3 -u test:test -X{ "_ref": "network/abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789:", "comment": "vlan 10", "network": "", "network_view": "default"}

So, how do I get at the gateway, or router for that that network ?Thanks,Paul

How to get Default gateway details

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I would like to know how to check default gateway details IP V4 in infoblox where we use in our environment .. Can you any one help me on this

DHCP options for networks

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You would need to include a request to include the "options" field in order to see the default gateway and any other DHCP options.  Format your query like the original request and include -d "_return_fields=options".

If you are using NIOS 6.9 or newer (with WAPI 1.3 or newer), you can use "_return_fields+=<fieldname>".  Just make sure to escape the "+" so it looks like "_return_fields%2b=<fieldname>".


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