ActiveTrust Cloud Integration with Infoblox Outbound Notifications

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Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud (ATC) Outbound Notifications integrations provide the ability to send data to third party vendors from the ATC about blocked DNS-based data exfiltration, stopped malware communications with command-and-control servers and automatic prevention on access to content not in compliance with policy. The combined parts results in faster threat response, uninhibited remediation and reduced risk from a top target of cyberattacks via DNS with data from the ATC.ATC-Ecosystem.png



Learn how to configure the integrations in the document bellow and make sure to check out this video for how to configure the integration:


Re: ActiveTrust Cloud Integration with Infoblox Outbound Notifications

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Thank you for sharing Kevin.

Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.

Re: ActiveTrust Cloud Integration with Infoblox Outbound Notifications

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Kevin Hello,


Thank you for this valueable topic. Let me ask you ask a question CiscoISE. I wonder whether we can integrate Infoblox TE-825 or any Models with Cisco ISE by using ATC or not. I know that ATC can’t be integrated with Cisco ISE and for  the on-prem option, ND is mandatory even if we just need to share the RPZ events.That's why please confirm me about my knowledge. On the other hand, If we have ND then can we use it with ATC for ecosystem integration for rpz events


In addtition can we use fortinet or paloalto integration in this deployment If we have on prem device and atc license


Thank you in advance

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