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Bloxtools BDK 2.0.0 Beta for preview

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Community Manager
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We've just released version 2.0.0-Beta of the bloxTools SDK (BDK)

Get it here: http://www.infoblox.com/community/downloads/bloxtools-bdk-200-beta

This is the DEV kit for creating bloxTools snapins as well as developing robust standalone scripts.  It is a significant re-write from the previous
versions, and the focus has been on documentation.  So we want your feedback.  If you can't work out how to do something from reading the
docs, let us know.

Included in this BDK are:
 - Developer documentation
 - Infoblox::WebUI.pm a wrapper for CGI.pm and Infoblox.pm
 - Infoblox:Smiley Frustratedimple.pm a wrapper for Infoblox.pm
 - Scripts for creating a snapin, compatible with snapinstall
 - Scripts for bundling a snapinstall bundle

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