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Bloxtools Bulk Move

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We have a tool called bulkmove which runs under bloxtools. It was given to us by our SE about 1 year ago. It is very usefully for moving host / fixed addresses in one big swoop. For example, move all the statics from this range to that range and all of the associated dns records with a few mouse clicks. Anyway it worked great and we upgraded from 6.6.10-210854 to 6.10.7-248160 and now it is 100% broken. It gives you the login screen and you type your credential and it comes back with an error message "failed, server is not responding" server is our GM and the boxtools server is a seperate server.


Have you checked the release

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Have you checked the release notes ? and why using this csv import is such a great tool and faster than another program running on youre box.

But it looks that the bloxtools interface tries to connect to you gm but that with the new patch a default has changed so that api access is killed


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