Breaking an HA pair

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I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I searched around, and didn't find it.

How does one go about breaking an HA pair?

I currently have two HA pairs as internal DNS servers, and have been told (by management) that I need to break them out to four separate DNS servers. What I want to do is have them split out completely, and basically throw away the HA IP address, so that they are 2 pairs of standalone servers using their base addresses.

Re: Breaking an HA pair

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I went and asked someone on the team, and this is what they told me needs to be done:


There are two steps to this process; telling the Grid about the change and rewiring the physical unit. These can be done in either order, but it may be cleaner to switch the configuration in the SW first and then "redeploy" the Passive member as a new member.


Here are the steps I would follow on 6.6…


  • Look at the LCD on both members of the HA Pair and make a note of which is active and which is passive
    • The Active unit should remain at the end of the procedure, the passive unit can be redployed
  • Log into the GUI and go into Grid --> Grid Manager --> Members
  • Select the HA member and click Edit
  • Go to the Network settings and move the radio button from HA Pair to Standalone Member
    • This will remove all of the HA and Passive unit IP configurations 
    • This should retain the VIP as the new Address for the LAN1 port of the standalone member
    • Verify the correct IP address, Mask, and GW are there
  • Save and Close
  • Likely need to restart services

This basically tells the system that the member is no longer an HA Pair. The IP Addresses that were used will be "freed up" once this process is complete and the passive member is basically orphaned.


  • Pre-provision the new member (IP/Mask/GW/etc) in the GUI so you can join it to the Grid
    • This allows the Grid to know that it can expect a member of this type and IP address to be joining the Grid
  • Look at the LCDs again
    • The Active unit should now indicate that HA is not configured and only list the single IP (you're done with this one)
    • On what was the Passive member and it should say something to the effect of "offline member" (this is the one you want to redeploy)
  • Unplug the HA port of the Passive unit
  • Console into the Passive unit
  • 'Reset database' to flush the DB
  • Ensure the proper IP addresses are on the box (use set network if needed, but don't join the Grid just yet)
  • From the console I usually like to try and ping the IP of the Grid Master to ensure connectivity
  • Run "set membership" to join this member to the Grid – you will need
    • V(IP) of the GM
    • Grid Name
    • Shared Secret

At long as the unit was pre-provisioned and the network settings are correct, you should begin to see it joining as a new, standalone member in the Grid. They will need to update their NS Groups or other name server assignments to ensure that the new members get the proper zone data…

Re: Breaking an HA pair

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Please can you tell me after breaking HA pair the Active device will reboot or not ? OR is there any need to reboot active i.e standalone device ?


Looking forward.




Re: Breaking an HA pair

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Hi Harshal,


After breaking an HA pair, the active node will not go through a reboot but will go through a product restart. This would take less time than a reboot but services will be down during the restart.


~/ Sandeep

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