Bulk IPAM Discovery

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Hello All,

We currently use Infoblox for DHCP services but I am looking to utilize IPAM as well for our IP address management needs.  I have all the subnets created within IPAM that we utilize but now it's time to get the host information in.  Our current ip address management tool does not allow for bulk export, to export you must select each subnet inidividually which makes the process very long.  I figured that maybe the discovery process could assist in finding hosts - does anyone know if it's possible to do a bulk discovery - say on a container?  At the moment I can only do discoveries by selecting each subnet.  It would be great if I only had to select the top level container and perform a reoccurring discovery.



Re: Bulk IPAM Discovery

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I'm looking for the same type of info and I'm sad that this was never answered. 



Re: Bulk IPAM Discovery

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The built in discovery is not really intended for very large network containers.  It doesn't leverage the most efficient discovery algorithms.  Instead, you should leverage Network Insight and/or NetMRI which are tuned to do discovery faster and more effectively.  The built in version, while it works, only picks up basic information (NMAP, NetBIOS name, ping data, etc).  The advanced discovery from Network Insight and NetMRI will grab switch level information as well.


That said, if you can't export your data from your existing system in bulk, can you leverage getting into the backend of the data and export it that way?  Or is there an API that you could leverage to export the data and dump into a CSV?

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