Custom IPv4 DHCP Options

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Hey all,

I am very new to infoblox (really doing some integration with it and not a production admin for it).

Wondering where you guys normally store the DNS Suffix and the DNS Search Suffix in the IPv4 DHCP Options for a configured network.  And if you guys do this at all for a specific network.

Do you use the "custom DHCP Options"?

Using the fqdn (81) string and domain-search (119) domain-list, respectively?

Wanting to use these options as a way to gather all the network configurations for new VM's coming online.



Re: Custom IPv4 DHCP Options

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Yes, Infoblox DDI provides 'custom DHCP options' for both IPv4 and IPv6.

So, to use 81 and 119 options at grid level, do the following:
-          Login to the DDI appliance then go to Data Management > DHCP > Members
-          Check the box to the right of the member and click on Edit
-          Click on IPv4 DHCP Options
-          Next to “Custom IPv4 DHCP Options”, click on + and add the entry that you care about. Option 81 and 119 are there.

if you just want to set it up for specific network, do the following:
-           go to Data Management > IPAM, check the IPv4 network click on Edit > IPv4 DHCP Options

-          Next to “Custom IPv4 DHCP Options”, click on + and add the entry that you care about. Option 81 and 119 are there.

Generally, you would set the

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Generally, you would set the domainname field which is an attribute of the network or range.  The FQDN that is then passed by the client back to the server would include the hostname and domainname that it wants registered.

As for option 119, you would do that through the DHCP option array.


Re: Custom IPv4 DHCP Options

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one query.


we have DHCP options set under Grid properties and all the networks defined under DHCP inherited the same options .

we changed the DHCP options for specific Networks under DHCP ( which are resrved for Voice) to update TFTP through DHCP. 


we are now trying to add few more DNS suffixes to the existing DHCP options unders Grid properties.


could someone please confrim if this overwrites the existing voice IP subnets DHCP options? Thank you in advance


Thank you in advance

Re: Custom IPv4 DHCP Options

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While IPv4 uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to establish an address each time it logs clients into the network, IPv6 utilizes an advanced Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol v6. The advanced DHCPv6 allows IPv6 to support stateless auto-configuration of nodes. This process eliminates the need for the DHCP to obtain addresses. In simple words, this creates a plug and play configuration. Administrators can renumber network addresses without accessing individual clients.

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