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DDNS and the affect of propogating zone information between multiple Infoblox appliances

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Is there any recommendations regarding design if we want to enable Dynamic DNS for the 40 000 client computers. Our Infoblox appliances are all well connected to our network with good connectivity. Our IT-staff responsible of the implementation of the product at my workplace wants to create separate DNS zones for each geographical location and make the client computers at each location dynamic register there name and IP in right Dns zone for that site.The main reason for this is that every Dynamic DNS update is going to haver to get replicated to the other Infoblox appliances and that's going to create unnecessary network traffic. That's why they want to create multiple Dns zones. My opinion is that you shouldn't have to create multiple Dns zones. You could to stick to one Dns zone. Please help clarify what is the right way to go.


Re: DDNS and the affect of

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One or multiple zones won't change the network traffic much. The update still has to get back to the GM, either via Grid communication or a direct DDNS update (Grid communication is probably lower bandwidth tho)the bigger issue is the capacity of the devices and where the 40K records would reside.I would suggest you contact your local Infoblox Rep and review your HW status before making a decision.
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