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DHCP generating hostname based on MAC-address for DDNS

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How can we create DNS entries based on the MAC-address for device who don't send their hostname in the DHCP REQUEST message?By default, infoblox generates a hostname based on the assigned IP (DHCP-WWW-XXX-YYY-ZZZ).In the DHCP config file, we can find:ddns-hostname = pick ( option fqdn.hostname,option host-name, concat ("dhcp-",binary-to-ascii(10,8,"-", leased-address)));Can we change this setting?

Re: DHCP generating hostname

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I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment, as I've been told while trying to do something equivalent.

Re: DHCP generating hostname

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is it possible to assinge IP address based on MAC address for kickstart/jumpstart ?.

Currently we are doing same thru Foreman to build server using Kickstart installation but plan to use Infoblox.

Explain little bit more, we just add MAC address and host name in foreman and ISC DHCP assigned free IP address automatically and add that hostname into DNS server.




I want to know,  is this similar kind of config possible in Infobox or not ?



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