DHCP options for Avaya phones

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I would need to configure the following options for avaya phones in Infoblox (gridmanager 6.8.4) DHCP option 242- Avaya IP Phones. String= MCIPADD=10.xx.xx.02,10.xx.xx.01,MCPORT=1719,VLAN=(Vlan # goes here) but I'm not sure how to configure the string options, can you please help? Thanks!

Hi Gabriel,

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Hi Gabriel,

This is pretty straightforward. First you need to add option 242 to the data vlan as follows:

Data Management -->DHCP --> put a checkmark to the left of the data subnet --> Edit --> IPv4 DHCP Options --> scroll down to the Custom DHCP options at the bottom --> click the "+" sign and select "option 242" from the list --> enter: L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=<voice vlan #>,VLANTEST=<a number between 0 and 60) --> save and close

On the voice vlan, repeat above steps but enter: MCIPADD=<callmanager IP addr>,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=<ip addr of the HTTP server> --> save and close. If like me you are hosting the files on Infoblox in a folder on the root directory use this instead for option 242:

MCIPADD=<callmanager IP addr>,MCPORT=1719,HTTPDIR=/<folder name>/,HTTPSRVR=<Ip addr of grid member running HTTP service>



Screenshot of DHCP options

Re: DHCP options for Avaya phones

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hello ,

i need to know where i can add option 242 if there is not present into the drop down list.

Thanks in advance



Re: DHCP options for Avaya phones

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I would tend to go with making a logic/class filter with a related option space for the Avaya phones ahead of adding option 242 globally or to a subnet.


EG Say for instance you needed 242 to be an array of ip addresses this is sort of what you would do:

Create option space:

Creating the option space for the phoneCreating the option space for the phone


Now create the logic filter

Set name of logic filterSet name of logic filter





Define the options:

Defining the optionsDefining the options

Applying the AVAYA-Phones filter to a subnet.


Note: The logic filter can also be defined globally if required.


After adding the logic-filter to the subnet the phone when it boots within that subnet should pick up the options based upon the information contained within the option 60 field within the DHCP discover packet.


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