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EVENT - IPAM Automation for Cloud webinar - Wednesday March 5 2014

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David Barry, Sr. Director, Business Development, Infoblox
Vikul Gupta / Ajay Nair, Cloud Automation, Hewlett-Packard

Join us to learn how Infoblox and HP Software are addressing a number of critical cloud automation issues including time-to-service, IP address resource management and automation. HP and Infoblox have worked together to develop an integration and associated workflows that drive faster and more reliable provisioning and de-provisioning. Topics will include:

  • Cloud best practice:  IP address resource management and DNS registration automation best practice for cloud management
  • Unique provisioning use cases leveraging advanced workflows to accelerate time-to-service
  • Why de-provisioning workflows are just as important as provisioning when it comes to network services and IP address management
  • …and much more!

Register now for this 30-minute session for a live presentation followed by a Q&A session on Infoblox and HP Software.

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