Error Importing Microsoft DNS file

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I'm having a problem importing the Microsoft DNS zone file.

Here is the output of the log:

No "DatabaseFile" line found in registry file for "".

Finished Parsing files!


   DNS ( Microsoft ) Configuration File Summary
   Total Number of Views: 0
   Total Number of Zones: 5
   Number of Forward Mapping Zones: 5
   Number of IPv4 Reverse Mapping Zones: 0
   Number of IPv6 Reverse Mapping Zones: 0
   Total Number of DNS Records: 0
   Number of NS Records:  0
   Number of SOA Records:  0
   Number of A Records:  0
   Number of AAAA Records:  0
   Number of PTR Records:  0
   Number of CNAME Records:  0
   Number of DNAME Records:  0
   Number of MX Records:  0
   Number of SRV Records:  0
   Number of TXT Records:  0
   Number of DS Records:  0
   Number of NAPTR Records:  0
   Number of dropped Records:  0
   Number of other Records:  0
All the domains can be imported but it shows in red, and no records were found.
Can someone out there to help?
Many thanks,


Error Importing Microsoft DNS file - Solved

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Hello Darren,

You need to add "DatabaseFile"=<zonename.bak> to the registry file exported from Microsoft. Otherwise it doesn't find the database, hence gives the error.

Have a wonderful day.


Hi Darren!

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Hi Darren!

Complementing the information above, here is a example that might be useful:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DNS Server\Zones\]

Please, let us know if this helps you.


Security feeds and Threat insight update from management interface

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Hi All 


Is it possible to have security feeds i.e. Active RPZ tunnel for DNS FW and Updates for Threat Insight to download from management interface of the Infoblox , as per my understanding the both uses the VIP on whcih the DNS service is running , please advise what config is required to have management interface to download this feeds ...only enabling the management inerface will this traffic go from management interface i..e feeds download from internet. ??

Re: Error Importing Microsoft DNS file

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Upon further investigation, you only need to change $ttl 600 => $TTL 600. We'll fix the case sensitivity in the next release.


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