How to Spot a Credible Website for Your Paper?

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There are some ways through which you can spot a credible website for your paper. It can be challenging to determine which website is credible, but here are a few things to look for:


  • Author: content with the name of the author is the sign of a credible site. If the author is enthusiastic to stand behind the content is a good indication that the content is reliable.
  • The date: date is the most important part of any credible site. By including the date in the website, it allows readers to make decisions about whether the information is recent enough for their purpose or not.
  • Domain: the .org, .net and .com can be obtained easily. However, .edu is the domain which is kept for college and universities websites. Be aware of .org sites because mostly it is used by non-profit organizations.
  • Sources: credible websites like assignment help - always emphasis on citing the sources of the information.
  • Writing style: poor spelling and grammar errors are the indication that the site is not credible.
  • The design: a well-designed site is an indication of trustworthy or reliable information.
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