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Infoblox DNS response

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Hi All,I configured Infoblox DNS Appliances as Grid Master and member mode, and import the zone details and make one zone for testing of Authoritative response, but when I was trying to do nslookup and whenever i put server , then it replies with 2 sec delays i.e. dns timeout and same for the record response.Please can any one suggest in that.Thanks...Jay

Re: Infoblox DNS response

I-Team Employee
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could there be a firewall between the two boxes preventing you from connecting to it?

Re: Infoblox DNS response

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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Don't use nslookup. There are long discussions about why it produces false negatives. The delay is due to nslookup trying to resolve RRsets that aren't related to your query. (look at a packet capture to see for yourself). Use 'Dig' instead and you will probably see the delay go away. (and dig will tell you the /real/ response time)

Re: Infoblox DNS response

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It might be worth checking if the zone is assigned to a member that has dns running. This is configured in the zone properties.
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