Installing and developing applications with bloxtools

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I'm trying to install a machine to develop an application based on bloxtools.

To do this, I followed the instructions at

and in particular, I downloaded the infoblox file from my appliance.
The file is:

Then, I downloaded the bloxtools-bdk from the bloxtools site:
and i tried to do a test using the documentation under the docs directory I found in it.

I tried to create a simple perl file using, for example, the classes "Infoblox:Smiley Frustratedimple", or
"Infoblox:Smiley Very HappyHCP::Network". But when I try to run it, the perl tolds me that he doesn't have those

Can anyone explain me what I'm doing wrong? I have the doubt that the documentation is not for the
version of bloxtools I'm using. Can anyone tell me if this is right?

thanks in advance

Fabio Ferrari

Re: Installing and developing

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Have you installed the NIOS API modules ( ? once you dowoad the file from your appliance, you still need to go through the install process.

Also, what platform are you installing this all on ?

I guess the missing step from the documentation is that you need a working stable NIOS API environment before you can install.

The other problem is that those 'Unbuntu 10.04' install instructions are related to an older version of the BDK, you should follow the install instrictions that are in the BDK, (and if there is information missing from there, please let us know)

the BDK is stil in beta because, sorry, we're sure the docs are missing vital information , so all this feedback helps.

Re: Installing and developing

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I used an Ubuntu Server (12.04, but I don't think there's much difference from 10.04) so I can follow the instructions without many differences.

And yes, if you mean the usual perl compilation procedure:

tar xvfz Infoblox-5.0000010081926.tar.gz

cd Infoblox-5.0000010081926

perl Makefile.PL


make test

make install

i went to the istall process.

Anyway, I didn't find any similar instructions in the archive, where exactly do you mean they are?

thanks in advance

Fabio Ferrari

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