Is there an alternative way to get the networking going to use the PoC

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As per Don Smith .. 


From: Don Smith 
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 10:11 PM
To: Bret Pleines
Cc: dl Virtualization SEs
Subject: RE: Seth's team call - Thomas Lee - DNS FW eval


FYI – I got it working tonight.  Pretty straight forward once you have a distributed virtual switch running.


ESXi host

-          dvSwitch

o   dvPortGroup

§  Source DNS server interface connected here

§  LAN2 of the DNSFW appliance here (set to NOT connect at startup for now)

o   Configure port mirroring from source port to destination port (I did ingress/egress)

-          vSwitch

o   LAN1 of the DNSFW appliance here

o   Reporting server here


Works like a champ!  I do have a virtual Cisco router to help route in my environment as well.



No physical gear required (save my wifi router to the Internet and the ESXi host).

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