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Hello, Any recommendations on how to get MAC address history reports in both DDI and Automation (SPM) ?

I'm looking for a history of where a MAC has been connected to the network (switch/port) over the last 12 months or so.

Thanks, Kier.

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I have been looking for this

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I have been looking for this to.   We purchased the Trinsic Reporting tool and it includes the exact the report you are looking for.   However,  the only way to get the report out of the tool is to take screen shots page by page.   Because it is a text based report, there is no way to export the data out of the reporting tool.  You can view it 10 lines at at time but nothing else.  This was an issue brought to Infoblox by us in 2012 and it has yet to be fixed.

For the report you are looking for we currently off load our DHCP history via syslog to a Linux box.  With a couple well crafted "greps", you can get the MAC history from a terabyte of DHCP flat files in just a few minutes.  This is far faster than the same report runs on the Reporting tool anyway.



David - thanks for the reply.

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David - thanks for the reply. I'll take another look at the reporting server to check for the correct report.

In this case, I'm not sure the DHCP log will help out - as I'm also looking for the swtichport the client was plugged into (using Network Insight in the grid), plus including clients with static IPs.


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