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Which vNIOS can be used as a Multi-Grid Manager, if any? I tried the VM-2220, the VM-1410 and even a VM-250, but I keep getting the message "A <..VNIOS> has no support for Multi-Grid Management". Yes, I only set temp-license'd a VNIOS license before applying the Multi-Grid Management license.

The "Multi-Grid Manager Administrator Guide" tells me: "For information about which vNIOS appliance supports configuration as a single Multi-Grid Master, refer to the NIOS Administrator Guide." but that, otherwise very good, guide gives me not any clue.

Thanks for your help!



MGM on a 1420 or 4010

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You'll need a 1420 or 4010 for the Multi-Grid Master.

Thanks Don, I will use one of

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Thanks Don, I will use one of those.

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