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No PTR registration with Cisco ASA DHCP

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Hi Everyone,
I have an issue with PTR registering in one of our remote site, let me explain the context :
Our infoblox DNS is in the LAN and this remote site is connected through MPLS. In this remote site, the clients get there IP address from the DHCP on a Cisco ASA firewall.
Clients have no problem to register the A Record but they can't register the PTR record.
The only way to make it works is to enable the checkbox "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" in the IPv4 properties of the network adapter (although the "DNS suffix for this connection" is empty).
The DHCP scope is correctly configured with the domain name, the clients are correctly registered in our AD, the access through the firewall and in the infoblox are granted.
Another interresting information for troubleshoot this issue is that our remote sites which have a local (Windows) DNS or fixed IP address, the PTR records is correctly registered.
Thanks for your help.
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